Eastern Partnership Summit / Ministerial Meeting

Eastern Partnership Summit / Ministerial Meeting

Co-Presidents Rebecca Harms and Marian Lupu at the Foreign Ministerial meeting of 19 June 2017 in Luxembourg

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While clear expectations on future EU integration prospects were expressed, especially by the representatives of the Associated countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova),  the HR/VP Mogherini, Commissioner Hahn and most EUMS recommended, in the run-up to the Eastern Partnership Summit, to focus on concrete deliverables. The Brussels Summit of 24 November 2017 should be a moment of acknowledgement and stock-taking of advancements already in place. The 20 deliverables contain immediate, intermediate and future steps. Focus is on concrete results for the citizens.

Harms: The Euronest PA wants to accompany the work on the 20 deliverables and wishes the best success for the new frameworks directed to Armenia and Azerbaijan. Judicial reforms, media, fight against corruption are issues which matter a lot for Euronest.  The Kiev 6th Ordinary Session of Euronest will take place just three weeks before the Summit.  The EU and Eastern Partners should also reflect on the protracted conflicts and the tensions in the region.  Ending the isolation of BY and making of it a fully-fledged member of the Euronest PA, on the basis of progress in electoral standards, would be one of the current objectives.

Lupu: All Eastern Partners now have a new, less homogeneous situation.  The Assembly should also work on three concrete projects: a) to establish a working relationship between each EaP Platform and each Euronest committee; b) without neglecting Euronest's inclusive character, to establish a platform for the countries who have signed an AA with the EU (new WG of the Euronest PA); c) to work on the future perspective of giving  those countries the status of candidates to EU membership, in order to give new motivation to  the citizens and the societies.

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Euronest PA Co-Presidents address the Eastern Partnership Ministerial meeting, Luxembourg, 20 April 2015
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